Oaxos Olive Oil

Oaxos olive oil is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. The olive groves of organic cultivation of Biologic of Crete are located in the wider area of Axos Mylopotamos, Crete.


Oaxos In Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, Oaxos is a known hero from Crete. He was the son of Anhiales (mother of Idaei Dactyli). The ancient Cretan village Oaxos was named (or established) after him. His mother was also known as nymph Akakalida or Akali, and was the daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë (or Crete).


Oaxos olive oil is extracted using the "cold extraction" method and is approved and certified by DIO, the inspection and certification organization of organic products.

The Tree Of God

Olive trees are the trees of God and their fruits are blessed! The origins of their domestication in Crete were set in ancient times and the trees ended up being famous for their medicated benefits. Axos villagers throughout the time, follow the path of their ancestors concerning the collection of olives every single year, turning this habit into a family tradition as they help one another. Thus, our Koroneiki olive variety is the outcome of a family business based on love and care for its quality and pureness.

Old Olive Oil Press in Axos Village